Jul 092013
 July 9, 2013  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S.

As noted last week, the Privacy & Civil Liberties Oversight Board is meeting today.

Associated Press reports:

The federal oversight board directed by President Barack Obama to scrutinize the U.S. government’s secret surveillance system is hearing from civil liberties activists, a retired federal judge and a former Bush administration lawyer in the board’s first public event since the spying operations were revealed in news reports.

They are among 16 experts set to testify Tuesday before the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board about the National Security Agency’s surveillance. The board’s five members include an Internet freedom advocate and two former Bush lawyers who helped expand the government’s national security authority.

Read more on Montreal Gazette.

Michelle Richardson of the ACLU will be live-tweeting the event. You can follow her on Twitter at @Richardson_Mich.

Update:  C-SPAN will be airing the meeting. You can watch online at CSPAN.org.

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