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 December 7, 2017  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S.

Do you remember what Joe Cadillic was trying to warn everyone about? Steven Rosenbaum reports:

In 2016 LinkNYC began deploying free public Wi-Fi kiosks throughout the city.

The kiosks made news when people began using the public web browsers to watch pornography, and CityBridge the private consortium administering LinkNYC limited the browsers, and made other changes to limit how LinkNYC would store personal browser history, time spent on a particular website, and lacked clarity about how LinkNYC would handle government demands for user data, among others issues.

But now there’s a new battle brewing. It seems that each of the LinkNYC kiosks has front-facing cameras.


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  One Response to “Privacy Battle Brewing: Are LinkNYC Kiosks Surveillance Devices?”

  1. Thanks for reminding me, I think I said ‘CityBridge’s spying Wi-Fi kiosks to become the largest urban spying system in the country.’ (2016)

    Sadly, it appears that I was right.

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