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 May 3, 2010  Posted by  Featured News, Non-U.S.

Privacy Awareness Week is an annual promotion by the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA) forum that commenced in 2007. Here are some items related to it this year:

From the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Australia:

A new free online tool to help people protect themselves against identity theft has been launched as part of Privacy Awareness Week 2010.

A collaboration between the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA) of Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Korea, the tool will assist users to understand how at risk they are of having their identity stolen.

“Identity theft is an area of increasing concern and this easy to use tool will help people understand how at risk they may be,” said Karen Curtis, the Australian Privacy Commissioner.

Available at, the interactive tool is structured as a multiple choice quiz.  Users work through a series of questions on 11 different topics, such as how well they protect information in their wallet, their mailbox or on their computer.

A list of events in Australia can be found here. For New Zealand, check here. For other countries, follow the links from here.

The Google New Zealand Blog reminds people to check their privacy settings and reviews what Google has available on privacy.

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