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The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) has:

… released a report to help track the progress of the privacy “action items” contained in the Administration’s recently released Cyberspace Policy Review. The Review discusses a wide range of issues that the country needs to address in order to ensure that national security, economic and civil liberties interests are adequately protected. The action items outlined in the CDT report were derived from the Review and President’s subsequent remarks on the document. The action items that develop from these themes are offered to supplement the Review’s broader near and mid-term Action Plan for the incoming Cybersecurity Policy Official.

Their report identifies 12 action items:

1.  Create a National Dialogue on Cybersecurity and commitment to privacy and civil liberties guaranteed by constitution
2.  Ensure That Federal Government Will Not Monitor Private Networks in Pursuit of Cybersecurity
3.  Hire a Privacy Officer at NSC (and/or EOP)
4a.  Draft a policy strategy for privacy in authentication technologies
4b.  Encourage privacy enhancing technologies for authentication
5.  Reconstitute the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board
6.  Build engagement mechanisms for civil liberties and privacy advisors on cybersecurity
7.  Develop incident response sharing mechanisms that protect privacy
8.  Ensure intrusion detection policy and mechanisms protect privacy
9.  Define privacy objectives for future infrastructures
10.  Establish global policy standards to protect privacy rights and civil rights
11.  Ensure privacy protection in information sharing regimes.
12.  Develop international standards to protect privacy of data used in cloud computing

Report: Privacy and the White House Cyberspace Policy Review [PDF]June 19, 2009>

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