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Rebecca Herold comments:


Here are a few of the worries I have with cloud computing as they relate to privacy and information security:

  • Who has access to the information organizations are putting on these external cloud application and systems servers?
  • How does an organization’s compliance posture for applicable laws, regulations, standards, contracts and policies change when business, and sometimes even customer and employee, information is stored in the clouds?
  • How long does information put into the clouds stay in those clouds? Do the clouds have retention policies? Can information be permanently and completed removed from the clouds once it is put there?
  • Are there any logs generated to show how that cloudy information is accessed, copied, modified and otherwise used?

Can all necessary information in clouds be easily retrieved during e-discovery activities? If so, what are the related costs involved?

Consider a couple of popular cloud computing services, Google Documents (Google Docs for short) and Adobe Photoshop Express.

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