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 February 26, 2017  Posted by  Youth & Schools

Susan Edelman reports that the principal at Baldwin High School on Long Island is under fire for sending out newsletters that name suspended students and describe their offenses.

Caterina Lafergola, now principal at Baldwin HS, issues a weekly staff newsletter that includes announcements on upcoming events, meeting notes, and a “Kudos Corner.” It also has a section titled “Suspensions.”

Note the word “staff” before “newsletter.”  She’s claiming that because it’s only intended for staff, it’s not a violation of FERPA.

Read more on the New York Post.

  4 Responses to “Principal under fire for naming suspended students in newsletter”

  1. There was a lot of chaos and commotion regarding Caterina Lafergola’s appointment at Baldwin HS. It was being contested by many due to harsh treatment and violation of privacy concerns when she was a leader in former NYC HS. But she got the appointment hire anyway despite large opposition in dissent against her.

    There is a paper trail on this principal on the internet with other privacy issues.

  2. There is probably a lot more to this story then what Susan Edelman posted. I and some of my associates have been following this particular principal for a year already.

    I am sure there is something unseemly and not right. Keep digging. You will get your answers and maybe be a change agent to help with this particular situation. There are plenty of people you can contact in regards to this to find out if FERPA was violated.

    I know more about this then most but not adding more details publicly.

  3. You are welcome to dig all you want and to report on your own site. I’m not investigating this one.

  4. I didn’t have a site.

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