Feb 132013
 February 13, 2013  Posted by  Business, Laws, Misc, Online, U.S.

Andy Greenberg reports:

With the reintroduction of the much-maligned Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act scheduled for the day after the State of the Union, the House of Representatives may have hoped the President’s own cybersecurity initiative would divert some of the attention away from the controversial legislation known as CISPA. Instead, the White House’s long-awaited executive order on cybersecurity is actually scoring points with the privacy advocates–and putting CISPA in a worse light than ever.

President Obama released a long-awaited cybersecurity executive order Tuesday night along with his fifth State of the Union address, outlining new policies aimed at stemming the tide of cyberespionage attacks on American companies and government agencies, as well as shoring up the defenses for American critical infrastructure vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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