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 January 13, 2011  Posted by  Youth & Schools

I’ve blogged a number of times about schools indoctrinating students to accept a surveillance state or to have a reduced expectation of privacy or rights. Over on p2pnet.net, John Newton writes about another kind of possible indoctrination:

The Big 4’s latest mind-rape program is called Pop4Schools. Under it, British school children will be “given the chance” to “gain a better understanding of how the music they love is produced, while learning a wide range of curriculum subjects whether they are taught individually or as a cross-curricular project.”

And the labels are actually selling this stuff —  ”lesson plans for nine different subjects ranging from Literacy to ICT”.

The tragedy is: schools will go for it — without first asking parents if they want their children exposed to this transparent corporate indoctrination campaign.

“Children engaged in the Pop4Schools programme produce and promote a piece of music, simulating the basic process that takes place in a business environment”, says the IFPI, going on >>>

Teachers can match pupils’ skills to certain tasks, such as composing, writing and performing a song, designing artwork or writing album sleeve notes. The resulting CD or download can be sold to family and friends, perhaps to raise money for the school or a charitable cause.

Who pays the teachers to shill this corporate scam? Taxpayers.

Then the punch-line >>>

As part of their collaboration in the production and promotion of an original piece of music, children will learn about the importance of ownership, being fairly rewarded for their work and respecting the rights of others.

Read more on p2pnet.net.

While they are presumably learning to respect the rights of others, who is teaching the “others” to respect their rights?

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