Dec 222020
 December 22, 2020  Posted by  Laws

Stacey Gray, FPF Senior Counsel, and  Pollyanna Sanderson, FPF Policy Counsel, write:

Defining and regulating location data in a privacy law can be an elusive challenge. In part, this is due to its ubiquity in our lives:
information about how devices and people move through spaces over time is utilized by Wi-Fi networks, smartphones, mobile
apps, and a world of emerging screenless technologies, such as wearable fitness devices, scooters, autonomous vehicles, and
video analytics. Existing legal and self regulatory regimes in the United States (and globally) approach location data in a variety of
ways that may serve as a model for policymakers.

Read their useful brief on the Future of Privacy Forum.

Thanks to Joe Cadillic for sending this along!

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