May 082020
 May 8, 2020  Posted by  Featured News, Govt, Healthcare, Surveillance

At what point will you read something about monitoring for COVID-19 that will just cross whatever line you have for being unacceptable surveillance?  Joe Cadillic writes:

All across the country, law enforcement is using the pandemic as an excuse to use Chinese-made drones to monitor the public. Which breaks EVERY promise law enforcement has ever made regarding the use of drones. (More on that later.)

A recent Miami Herald article revealed how police are using Chinese-made DJI drones to monitor the homeless and check a person’s temperature.

Read Joe’s entire post on MassPrivateI because the creeping surveillance is only getting worse. We need to remain vigilant and vocal in fighting unnecessary intrusions on privacy or the collection of information without a plan and commitment to destroy it when its purpose has been served.

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