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 April 11, 2016  Posted by  Laws, Misc

Joe Cadillic writes:

Last year, multiple states have pushed bills requiring people to “prove” their gender before using a bathroom. Some of these bills encourage people to report on each other and offer a cash reward for finding someone in the “wrong” bathroom!

North Carolina is the first state in America to create ‘bathroom police’. The new law enacted in March, bars people from using public restrooms that don’t align with the sex on their birth certificates.

“The bill was passed by the state legislature in less than 10 hours and then signed by the governor that very same night with very little debate,” Oakley says. “And so it’s incredibly poorly drafted, leading to all kinds of consequences.”

Mother Jones asked if cops would be patrolling bathrooms and asking people to show their ID’s?

“That’s a very interesting question. We don’t have police officers sitting at public bathrooms all day long,” a spokesman at the Raleigh Police Department said.

According to the article, police departments were checking with their attorneys to determine whether they could arrest an individual who used the wrong bathroom!

“There is absolutely no way to enforce this law, as it relates to the enforcement of the bathroom provisions. It is an utterly ridiculous law” Rep. Rodney Moore said.

Welcome to Police State America, where soon everyone will need to carry their birth certificate to the bathroom.

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  One Response to “Police State America wants everyone to carry their birth certificates to the bathroom”

  1. Ridiculous.

    When I hear stories like this, the Hall & Oates song, Private Eyes verse keeps running through my head:

    Private eyes, they are watching you
    They see your every move
    Private eyes, they are watching you
    Private eyes
    Watching you, watching you, watching you

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