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 September 21, 2009  Posted by  Misc, Online, U.S.

Tony Plohetski reports:

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo says he and some of his officers have been harassed, lied about and had their identities falsely used in online blogs and in reader comment sections on local media Internet sites.

They’ve had enough.

In a meeting this month with department brass, Acevedo and the group discussed how they think such posts erode public trust in the department and how they have been wrongly maligned.

They have since researched their legal options and decided that from now on, they might launch formal investigations into such posts, Acevedo said. He said investigators might seek search warrants or subpoenas from judges to learn the identities of the authors — he thinks some could be department employees — and possibly sue them for libel or file charges if investigators think a crime was committed.

Read the full article on Austin American-Statesman. It seems that in at least one case, a police commander’s name was used to post derogatory comments.

Danielle Citron offers some commentary over on Concurring Opinions.

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