May 232017
 May 23, 2017  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance reports:

The public prosecution department is preparing a massive dna research project in the hunt for the killer of an 11-year boy almost 20 years ago, officials said on Tuesday. New techniques have allowed scientists to identify dna found on Nicky Verstappen’s body and clothes. This dna is currently being compared with samples held in the national dna bank as well as its equivalent in Belgium and Germany. However, if no match is found, officials plan to launch a mass screening to look for the killer or killer’s relatives.  They expect that 15,000 men, mainly from Limburg, will be asked to take part in the programme on a voluntary basis.

Read more on I’m having difficulty getting a great translation of the notice, so am left wondering what will happen to all the DNA samples after they are collected and suspects are eliminated. Will they be retained? Can anyone read the notification in Dutch and tell me what protections will be in place?

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