Jan 152015
 January 15, 2015  Posted by  Breaches, Workplace

Margaret Harding and Bob Bauder report:

A city administration that prides itself on transparency and openness said Wednesday it supports a message to police officers to zip their lips or face discipline.

Pittsburgh police Chief Cameron McLay ordered officers and other police employees this week to sign a “memorandum of individual responsibility” in the presence of a supervisor promising not to share information. It says anyone caught disseminating such information could be terminated.

The memo defines official information as matters that are of a “sensitive, official, confidential or routine use,” according to a copy of the document the Trib obtained.

Read more on TribLive.

Although there are concerns about ambiguity in the wording of the memorandum, it’s actually kind of surprising that there wasn’t already some policy in place governing employee use and disclosure of information.

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