Aug 102012
 August 10, 2012  Posted by  Breaches, Online

Julia Grenberg reports:

Nude, explicit, and R-rated images uploaded on the social media site were in some cases made available to view on public web forums dedicated to exploiting Photobucket’s privacy settings.

The breach of privacy “is a very rare occurrence that has affected only a small number of Photobucket’s users,” said Photobucket spokesman David Toner.

But the web forums, some filled with stolen racy pictures and others with instructions on how to access more, have drawn thousands of viewers.

While users who post unencrypted photos on Photobucket can make their albums password protected, individual photos, even in a private album, can be shared with others through a direct web link or URL.

Hackers versed in Photobucket’s privacy settings can access unencrypted pictures in password protected albums by using software that deduces the direct web link, a practice commonly known as “fusking.”

Read more on CNN.

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