Oct 232021
 October 23, 2021  Posted by  Breaches, U.S., Workplace

Kim Powell reports:

Phoenix Children’s sent an email to nearly 370 employees, identifying them as exempt from the hospital’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

“Wow, what pretty flagrant violation of the law. It’s impressive for how clear-cut it is,” said Alexander Kolodin, an attorney hired by a nurse on the email. “This is something that should never have happened, and when something that should never have happened happens, and it hurts people, when it leads them into a position where people are judging them because something very private was disclosed, people have rights to get compensation for that.”

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A key question (at least, for me) is whether the employee relations department that sent the email intended to use the bcc: field and just goofed, or if they intended to use the cc: field.  And did the hospital get waivers from all employees that the hospital could disclose their vaccination status to others?  It sounds like they hadn’t, but that needs to be directly addressed, too.

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