Feb 202011
 February 20, 2011  Posted by  Laws, Non-U.S.

Fidelis Angela Tan reports:

recent online poll on the website of the Philippine Congress shows a certain degree of approval for House Bill 1472 or the proposed “Personal Privacy Protection Act of 2010.”

“The Constitution provides guarantees to all citizens, private or public, so they can live a meaningful life under a democratic society where privacy is enjoyed and respected,” said the poll. “However, numerous individuals have complained of intrusions by photographers, videographers and other unscrupulous persons.”

The poll asked whether people would support the measure which seeks to penalize any person who threatens another’s privacy, or “commits harassment against another for commercial purposes“ by use of “high-tech gadgets with very intrusive modern visual and auditory enhancement devises (telephone lenses and hyperbolic microphones).”

Read more on Philippine Online Chronicles.  The bill, if passed, could result in prison terms of up to 20 years for a privacy violation.

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