Jul 252014
 July 25, 2014  Posted by  Breaches, Court

Lisa Hoffman reports:

A seemingly simple mailing mixup, in which a required letter was posted to the wrong company, may well doom a proposed class action against Petco Animal Supplies Store, Inc.

Massachusetts plaintiffs Jeffrey Scolnick and Leah Crohn filed a class complaint June 17, accusing Petco of violating Massachusetts General Law Chapter 93A, commonly known as the state’s consumer protection act.

The plaintiffs allege Petco violated that law by insisting that customers using credit cards must supply their Zip code when checking out, which Scolnick and Crohn considered a privacy violation. They decided to sue.

Only problem: Their counsel flubbed a first step deemed mandatory by Chapter 93A, according to attorneys for Petco.

Read more on National Law Journal.

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