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 September 5, 2009  Posted by  Breaches, Online

Patrick Maloney of The London Free Press reports:

A YouTube video watched by thousands that published the phone number of a local public servant breaches the popular website’s rules, says a spokesperson for parent company Google.

This week, a Lucan bylaw officer inspected a property owned by David Rock, who then posted on his wildly popular YouTube channel a video including the official’s work information — sparking an alarming flood of calls and e-mails.

“That’s a violation of our rules,” Google spokesperson Scott Rubin said of that kind of content, though he declined to discuss the video specifically. “Posting someone’s personal information is against the rules.”

In such cases, YouTube may force a video’s removal, but only once the person who feels their privacy is breached has contacted them. No such complaint had been filed as of last night, Rubin said.

That, however, may be because the Internet giant’s complaint system isn’t widely known: Rubin said a person can make such a complaint by clicking the ‘safety centre’ link at the bottom of YouTube’s homepage.

Read more on Cnews.

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