Feb 022011
 February 2, 2011  Posted by  Business

Rick Buck writes:

So you purchase an airline ticket to visit your folks in Florida to get out of the cold. An implicit condition of getting on that plane is that you have to go through a security check. However, when you get to security they want to pat you down rather than walk you through the scanner. Then they open your suitcase and go through your belongings in front of all the other passengers in the security line. Your expectation of the security steps necessary in order to fly to your destination was incorrect. Had you known what actually was going to occur, you might have packed differently, or worn a different outfit. Or then again, perhaps it wouldn’t have mattered to you.

Regardless of your feelings, the question remains: Did airline security breach your privacy, or did it just not meet your expectations?

As a marketer, this may sound very familiar, as it relates to your e-mail program. You may have the customer’s “permission,” but are you respecting her privacy? Sometimes marketers make that line unnecessarily blurry.

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