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The Pearson social media scandal is being reported outside of the U.S. as well, it seems. Kashmira Gander reports:

A US examination board has been forced to explain why it is monitoring children, after the Department of Education elerted a school that a student may have leaked test information on Twitter.

A number of US states are developing Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) English and maths tests alongside Pearson Education to gauge a student’s readiness for life after graduation.

A debate surrounding social media privacy is now raging, after New Jersey blogger Bob Braun published a private email which revealed that the publishing giant monitors all social media during PARCC testing season – a method which the Department of Education is aware of.

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Meanwhile Maureen Sullivan writes:

Pssst…I know the answer to the first question on the third-grade PARCC math test. My inside source couldn’t wait to spill those beans as soon as he jumped into his mother’s mini-van in the pick-up line outside his New Jersey elementary school earlier this month.

Juicy inside information like that is churning the social-media waters and leading to a hearing before a New Jersey legislative committee as Pearson PLC, the designer and administrator of the new standardized tests, is fighting off charges that it’s “spying” on students who may be sharing test information online.

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