Jul 292009
 July 29, 2009  Posted by  Court, Online, U.S., Youth & Schools

The family of Mandi Jackson, a Pearl High School student in Mississippi, is reportedly suing the school district for $50 million, alleging that their daughter is being shunned after a cheerleading coach read e-mails on her Facebook account two years ago and shared the emails with others.

On Sept. 10, 2007, Hill allegedly asked members of the squad to give her their user names and passwords to Facebook, a social networking Web site.

Mandi was sidelined from cheerleading after a coach read an exchange between her and another student that contained profanity — and has allegedly been sidelined ever since.

The family alleges the district violated Mandi Jackson’s constitutional rights to free speech, due process and privacy by reading her e-mails. The family also is accusing the district of defamation of character and cruel and unusual punishment by not allowing her to participate in cheerleading.

Read more in The Clarion Ledger.

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