Apr 222016
 April 22, 2016  Posted by  Breaches, Court, Healthcare

There’s an update to a very disturbing breach that I covered on PHIprivacy.net (now DataBreaches.net).  Tim Prudente reports:

Attorneys who have spent months poring over medical records said they found no record of about 2,000 women who said they were victimized by a Johns Hopkins gynecologist accused of secretly recording women during pelvic exams.

Dr. Nikita Levy practiced about 25 years at a Johns Hopkins Medicine clinic in East Baltimore, and killed himself in February 2013 after the allegations emerged. Police found more than 1,300 photos and videos of women undressed.

In September 2014, more than a year after his suicide, a judge approved a $190 million settlement between Hopkins and the women, kicking off an enormous ongoing effort to interview and verify thousands of possible victims.

Read more on Baltimore Sun.

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