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Zack Whittaker reports on a story that I mentioned on about how the Dutch are concerned that the U.S. government will be able to access Dutch patients’ medical records because the firm developing the records system is a U.S. firm with a branch in Europe.

Read Zack’s more in-depth coverage of the research and legal analysis that led to concerns about the long arm of the PATRIOT Act on CBS News.

  One Response to “Patriot Act can ‘obtain’ data in Europe, researchers say”

  1. Europeans outraged over the US using Patriot Act for worldwide spying.

    Researchers from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands have condemned the United States for allowing the controversial Patriot Act to bypass foreign laws and let Americans intercept data from persons internationally.

    In a just published study, Cloud Computing in Higher Education and Research Institutions and the USA Patriot Act, researchers from the school’s Institute for Information Law say that legislation enacted to allegedly protect the security of US citizens has in the process eroded privacy protections on a global scale.

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