Oct 292019
 October 29, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, Court, Healthcare

Joshua Sabatini reports:

A middle-aged, disabled man who is among a number of patients impacted by the abuse scandal at Laguna Honda Hospital is angry and wants answers, according to his attorney who has filed a legal claim against The City.

“Having those answers is part of the healing process,” said the patient’s attorney, Sara Peters, with the law firm Walkup, Melodia, Kelly and Schoenberger.

Often, these breaches where employees are misusing patient data or accessing it or sharing it improperly wind up on my companion site, DataBreaches.net in the “Insider” category of breaches. But I’m also cross-posting this one to PogoWasRight.org, because it’s the kind of privacy violation that will really traumatize patients and make them less likely to seek help in the future.  Look at what they allege happened to this patient:

They learned that staff had taken a photo of him receiving an enema and shared the photo with other staff via text messages that included “inappropriate and sexualized jokes,” she said.

Read more on San Francisco Examiner, who included a copy of the March, 2019 notification to the patient. I’ve gone through my records and did not find that we were aware of any incident matching this description at the time, although we were aware of other incidents involving the hospital and health department.

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