Mar 132010
 March 13, 2010  Posted by  Youth & Schools

From WKOW in Wisconsin:

A middle school principal in Wisconsin is under investigation after he posted the names of students with failing grades on his door.

Marshfield Middle School Principal Dave Schoepke posted a list with student’s name, their class, teacher and their F grade for all to see.


The superintendent says the principal had good intentions but did violate student privacy rules.

Read more on WKOW. The Wausau Daily Herald also covers the story and provides a bit more background. So, assuming that this is a FERPA violation, what are the consequences to the administrator who presumably breached the students’ privacy? FERPA does not have the kinds of breach notification requirements that we see in other sectors, and the only systemic consequence is that the U.S. Department of Education could cut off funding, which is not likely to happen.

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