Dec 312012
 December 31, 2012  Posted by  Featured News, Youth & Schools

optoutSheila Kaplan is offering free information for parents and free “Opt-Out/Protect Kids” bracelets as part of her ongoing campaign to inform parents about the need to opt-out when it comes to schools disclosing students’ information.

Some schools have expansive definitions of what they can disclose as “directory information” without consent under FERPA, while other schools may be more privacy protective.  Parents who are concerned about protecting their children’s privacy are generally well-advised to opt-out where you can.

To learn more, see Sheila’s site, EducationNY and see the model state law she wrote to protect students’ privacy.

And if you would like your free OPT-OUT/PROTECT KIDS wristband, e-mail Sheila with your address and she’ll send you a free card and bracelet. Limit: five to an address, please, although Sheila – who is totally doing this out of her own pocket — will consider more for groups.

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