Oct 122022
 October 12, 2022  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Court

Brandon Vigliarolo reports:

Papa John’s is being sued by a customer – not for its pizza but for allegedly breaking the US Wiretap Act by snooping on the way he browsed the pie-slinger’s website.

The titan of greasy wheels is accused of falling foul of wiretapping rules by using so-called session replay software on its website. This software records and phones home everything a user does on the site, beyond what fetching pages and placing an order would submit, we’re told. For instance, it tells Papa John’s where the mouse is moved and clicked, and what’s typed into the page, it’s claimed. This info can be used to figure out where users get stuck, bail out of a sale, get lost, and so on.

Read more at The Register.

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