Nov 242021
 November 24, 2021  Posted by  Misc

20 Years After Patriot Act, Surveillance of Arabs and Muslims Is Relentless: Can The Feds Hide Its Misdeeds On Muslim Surveillance As ‘State Secrets’? OnlyFans improperly scanned faces of content creators to verify ID, age: Coalition Tells Supreme Court to Hear Warrantless Pole Camera Surveillance Case: [Read More…]

Nov 232021
 November 23, 2021  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Court, Surveillance

Nicole Perlroth reports: Apple sued the NSO Group, the Israeli surveillance company, in federal court on Tuesday, another setback for the beleaguered firm and the unregulated spyware industry. The lawsuit is the second of its kind — Facebook sued the NSO Group in 2019 for targeting its WhatsApp users — and represents another [Read More…]

Nov 232021
 November 23, 2021  Posted by  Laws, U.S.

Andrew Wyrich reports: Several lawmakers are calling for Congress to pass federal data privacy legislation in the wake of Amazon reportedly killing or undermining bills in 25 states over the past several years. Last week, Reuters reported that confidential documents showed that the retail giant pushed to kill privacy bills in several states by increasing [Read More…]