Nov 282020
 November 28, 2020  Posted by  Business, Court, U.S.

Jake Holland reports: School bus provider First Student Inc. argues a proposed biometric privacy class action filed against the company should be transferred to Illinois federal court because that court has original jurisdiction over the civil action. The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois has jurisdiction under the [Read More…]

Nov 272020
 November 27, 2020  Posted by  Court

Aaron Mackey writes: Security researchers who reported observing Internet communications between the Russian financial firm Alfa Bank and the Trump Organization in 2016 can remain anonymous, an Indiana trial court ruled last week. The ruling protects the First Amendment anonymous speech rights of the researchers, whose analysis prompted significant media attention and debate in 2016 about [Read More…]

Nov 272020
 November 27, 2020  Posted by  Surveillance

And while he’s exposing outrageous surveillance, Joe Cadillic also shared this with us this week: It is hard to get past the grade-school mentality of this video title which attempts to justify installing surveillance cameras everywhere. Pro-Vigil’s “Crime Is Bad. We Stop Crime. Pro-Vigil Is Good” video is probably one of [Read More…]