Aug 062009
 August 6, 2009  Posted by  Breaches, Govt, Non-U.S., Surveillance, Workplace

The Government’s new database of paedophiles must be reviewed because some people will be caught up in it unnecessarily, according to Sir Michael Bichard.


His comments come as it was disclosed that the controversial database has suffered a security breach even before its official launch.

A message containing confidential data was sent to the wrong email address by a worker at the Independent Safeguarding Authority.

Its annual report also discloses that “information risks” and “weaknesses” have been discovered in the organisation, which is being set up to check the backgrounds of more than 11million people who want to work with children and vulnerable adults.

It comes just days after The Daily Telegraph disclosed that the Criminal Records Bureau, from which the ISA will take most of its data, had made 1,570 errors over the past year, in many cases wrongly branding innocent people as criminals.

Read more in The Telegraph.

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