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 January 5, 2011  Posted by  Court, Online, Surveillance

Lisa Coston reports:

Two women claim they were surreptitiously photographed naked at a tanning salon, and their nude photos posted on “numerous pornographic websites.” The women sued Sunkissed Tanning and Spa and its owner in Westmoreland County Court.

In separate but identical complaints, both women say they were longtime customers of the tanning spa in Mount Pleasant, Pa. They also sued its owner, Toni Tomei.

Both women say the surreptitious filming happened in 2006, though they did not discover it until the summer of July 2010.

Read more on Courthouse News.

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I wonder when we’ll reach critical mass on surreptitiously taken photos showing up on the Internet to the detriment of the subjects of the photos.

Update: Kashmir Hill tweets that one of the plaintiffs was only 15 at the time, making this a child porn case, too.

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  1. Geeez. How sleazy can those creeps get? There is enough really disgusting porn available from willing porn stars, why do they have to secretly take pictures of a 15 year old in a tanning salon. Throw the book at those bastards.

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