Feb 152014
 February 15, 2014  Posted by  Online, U.S., Youth & Schools

Amber South reports:

 Chambersburg Area Senior High School officials have discovered the identity of the student responsible for a Twitter page that became popular for cyber-bullying.

The student is being disciplined in accordance with district policy, according to a district statement. No legal action is being taken, added district spokesperson Tammy Stouffer.

The administrations of Chambersburg Area School District and CASHS, and the technology department, worked together to identify the student, according to a statement. The student’s name will not be revealed, due to the student privacy policy.

The discovery comes less than two weeks after Principal Buddy Chapel told students that he would find out who was behind CASHS Confessions, a Twitter page on which students could anonymously post comments about each other, most of which were negative.

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Why is this blog-worthy? Because they’re handling it in-house and didn’t refer this to law enforcement.  Now we might argue that if this was all done out of school, the district shouldn’t have any authority at all, but most courts have granted districts the authority to deal with situations that create emotionally unsafe or hostile environments in school as a consequence of out-of-school behavior. So under the circumstances, I’m pretty satisfied with the way this district has handled this situation.

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