Nov 182014
 November 18, 2014  Posted by  Breaches, Workplace

Syma Chowdhry reports:

Three school board members have been asked to resign after a school employee was charged with spying.

At a press conference held Monday night, school board members said they will not resign.

“Disconnect, lack of trust, paranoia.”

That’s how the Northampton County DA describes the relationship between the Easton Area School District administrators and the school board.

“Clean house and bring new people, and perhaps restore a working relationship,” the DA said while speaking on the Grand Jury’s findings on how school board members handled a scandal back in January 2013.

That’s when Tom Drago, the District’s tech directory, was accused of snooping through administrators’ computers and of recording a meeting with employees without their knowledge.

Drago immediately resigned and eventually faced felony wire-tapping charges, but avoided jail time by entering into a first-time offenders program.

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