Mar 142014
 March 14, 2014  Posted by  Court, Youth & Schools

Erin McAuley reports:

A high school unconstitutionally suspended a freshman for a harmless comment he wrote at home on his Facebook page, the boy and his family claim in court.

R.L., a 15-year-old from Manchester, Pa., and his parents, Jill and Michael Lordan, sued Central York School District, its Superintendent Michael Snell and Central York High School assistant principal Jeffrey Hamme, in Federal Court.

The Lordans say the defendants used “unconstitutionally vague rules as a basis for discipline” and exceeded their authority by punishing the boy for conduct that was off-grounds and out-of-school.

Read more on Courthouse News.

We’ve seen lawsuits like this before, of course. Anyone care to venture a guess how it turns out?

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