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Waqas writes:

Mobile Dating apps are used by millions on their smartphones because in today’s dating-oriented culture these apps allow singles to find love interests conveniently. Various apps like Tinder, Match and OkCupid have garnered immense fan following lately thanks to their photo sharing, instant messaging and geolocation services.

In a year 2013 study, Pew Research Centre found that around 31 million Americans have used or are using dating app(s).

However, latest analysis from IBM’s security researchers reveals that users of such apps may get exposed to theft, spying and even hacking. According to IBM’s study, 26 out of 41 apps, which were investigated on Google’s Android mobile platform, showed medium to high level security vulnerabilities. This means, more than 60% of the leading dating apps for mobiles are potentially vulnerable to different types of cyber-attacks.

“All the vulnerabilities identified can allow a hacker to gain access to a phone’s camera or microphone even if the user is not logged into the app. This means an attacker can spy and eavesdrop on users or tap into confidential business meetings,” according to IBM.

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