Jan 252014
 January 25, 2014  Posted by  Breaches, Business

The Stream Team writes:

Google’s latest operating system for Android, called the KitKat, has faced criticism from transgender users who say it fails to protect their privacy.

A key feature of the software is Google+ integration with contacts, SMS messages and texts. Attention was drawn to the potential problems this update poses for trans users when a trans woman named Erika Sorensen was inadvertently outed to her coworker. The software update makes the Google Hangouts instant messaging chat platform the default for all messages, so when Sorensen texted a coworker, her name appeared as Erika rather than her previous male name she was still using at work.

Read more on The Stream Team and then read this very powerful piece on the issue by Violet Blue if you haven’t read it already. And when you look around for examples of “privacy harm,” think of this situation.

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