Jul 072020
 July 7, 2020  Posted by  Misc

Some items that Joe Cadillic has compiled over the past week:

EFF to Court: Social Media Users Have Privacy and Free Speech Interests in Their Public Information

The European Commission’s Vice-President for Digital policy, warns against predictive policing in Artificial Intelligence:

The European Commission is worried that the Court of Justice may invalidate privacy shield:
“In a long-awaited case on 16 July, the ECJ will rule on whether Standard Contractual Clauses are a legitimate way of transferring data to legal regimes outside of the EU while respecting EU data protection law.”

Russia – Yes, Big Brother Is Watching: Schools Getting Surveillance Systems Called ‘Orwell’

Israel – Government Reauthorizes Shin Bet’s Coronavirus Location Tracking:

For links to more privacy news stories, see Joe’s post on MassPrivateI.

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