Dec 242009
 December 24, 2009  Posted by  Business, Online

The Online Trust Alliance today submitted public comments supporting the upcoming FTC Privacy Roundtable to be held on January 28th in Berkeley, California.  OTA recommends a three-fold approach; 1) advancement of a standardized Privacy & Data Collection Statement, 2) Increased integration of privacy based browser controls and 3) encourage businesses to advise consumers to upgrade when using insecure browsers.

Not unlike a health department rating for a restaurant, an automotive “Monroney” Sticker or a nutrition label on a food product, a standardized framework is required to enable consumers to make informed choices regarding any data collection during  online activities  A conceptual Privacy & Data Collection Statement, is recommended for all sites, online services, email marketers as well as retail points of collection which collect and track consumer behavior data.

Read more of their press release here.

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