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 July 23, 2016  Posted by  Breaches, Healthcare, U.S., Youth & Schools

Diane Dietz reports on some of the aftermath of a breach that made national news and led to revision of Oregon laws:

The state psychology regulatory board voted Friday to punish Shelly Kerr, director of the University of Oregon counseling center, for giving a student’s therapy records to university lawyers without the student’s consent.

Kerr, a senior UO staff psychologist, will receive a letter of reprimand, pay a civil penalty of $2,500 and complete a six-hour course on professional ethics, the Board of Psychologist Examiners ruled.

Read more on the Register-Guard.

  One Response to “Oregon psych board punishes UO counseling center director for releasing student’s records”

  1. Actually, the University is paying Kerr’s fine, and it looks like the mandated training will count toward her required “continuing education credits” she needs to take anyway, so the whole thing is less than a slap on the wrist.

    That’s the Oregon Psychology Board for you: if you’re one of their buddies, you’re safe, no matter what the crime or media storm. But if they don’t like you, god help you.

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