Apr 242016
 April 24, 2016  Posted by  Surveillance, Youth & Schools

I’ve previously noted (snarkily, of course) the use of SnapTrends software by Orange County Public Schools in Florida to monitor students’ social media activities.

Well, it seems they’re pleased as punch with the results of their monitoring. So much so that they’re renewing the contract for the software. Details of the approximately one dozen police investigations that resulted from use of the software and manual searches were not disclosed.

h/t, Sheila Kaplan

  One Response to “Orange County Public Schools renews contract to spy on students’ social media activities”

  1. This software program is bad and it is just making a situation from bad to worse. Employees and students who are already being tracked on social media (through people snitching on them of course, and that is my snarkiness) and are being asked to give information to so and so or such and such people.

    The best advice and teaching tool to give adolescents (and school based staff too) in a social media digital world is to be very vigilant on who you bring into your networks. I think this should need be a new elective course to be added to middle school and high schools, learn how to navigate effectively and safely through a digital social media world. Actually, there could be tons of social media classes in different areas on the subject.

    Also, modifying your name so your full name is not found on Facebook, Instagram, etc is also helpful. I am a teacher and speak from experience on this where I have seen, heard and lived it all. This is why I use a pseudonym for blogging and Twitter so students, parents, administrators and colleagues are not able to find me and see my viewpoints.

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