Nov 222010
 November 22, 2010  Posted by  Surveillance

Bob Barr writes:

Have Americans finally had their fill of the heavy-handed tactics of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)?  Are parents en route to Disney World fed up with having their three-year olds brought to tears by manhandling TSA employees?  Will senior citizens stop consenting to be prodded and poked while seated in a wheelchair from which movement may be quite painful?  Are adult air passengers finally ready to declare, “enough is enough?”


November 24th has been declared “National Opt-Out Day.”  This tactic may help draw attention to TSA abuses; but, reining in this rogue agency will take much more.  Lawsuits challenging TSA x-ray and body searches are pending and deserve our support. Airport authorities should be reminded they can in fact opt out of having TSA in charge of their screening.  And, perhaps most important, the incoming chairmen of the House oversight and transportation committees should make TSA the subject of the first investigations they conduct in January 2011.

Read his entire commentary on the Barr Code.

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