May 302013
 May 30, 2013  Posted by  Featured News, Youth & Schools

Reuters reports that opposition to inBloom, a mammoth database that would track public school students and compile massive amounts of personal information, is growing:

In response to an outcry in his state, Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White withdrew student data from inBloom in April. He’s planning to hold public hearings on data storage and security this summer but said in an interview that he is no longer sure there’s a need for inBloom.

Kentucky, Georgia and Delaware – all initially listed as partners on the inBloom website – told Reuters that they never made a commitment and have no intention of participating. Georgia specifically asked for its name to be removed.

Officials in two other states on the list, Massachusetts and North Carolina, said they are still evaluating the project and may never upload student data.

Read more on VOXXI.

Sadly, New York State is still a partner, despite growing opposition here, too.

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