Mar 082012
 March 8, 2012  Posted by  Laws, Misc

On International Women’s Day, it’s somewhat depressing to have to report that Virginia’s governor signed a pre-abortion ultrasound law into effect yesterday. While some may argue that the bill is not as bad as it would have been without massive public protest, it is still a significant blow to the autonomy and equality of women to make their own medical decisions in a confidential relationship.

We are going backwards, folks.

For those who are too young to remember the days of coat hanger abortions or back-room abortions by unqualified personnel, just ask yourselves whether someday, your granddaughter or child may find that she has no right to make her own decisions and no accessible medical services. Will she wind up seeking what will have become an illegal abortion? At what cost to her health?

How ironic that the party that claims to be for small government feels that it can just impose its will and moral agenda on half of the population. And how distressing that so many are supporting them.

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