Nov 162011
 November 16, 2011  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S., Surveillance

Mona Mattei reports:

Evidence from several serious RCMP files is in public hands after sloppy police work landed sensitive video images in the open.

Photographs left in police cameras on Dion Nordick’s property in Grand Forks included images of a corpse, suicide note and the aftermath of a domestic dispute.

RCMP at the Grand Forks detachment put the home of Nordick, who goes by the name Buck Addams, under surveillance as part of executing a search warrant on June 13 for an alleged marijuana growing operation.


It seems that the target of their surveillance discovered two cameras on his property taking pictures of him and checked the flash drive cards for the cameras. One contained surveillance photos, but the other card had “two files with a total of 240 pictures, including graphic images taken at crime scenes, involving a variety of police cases.”

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