Sep 092009
 September 9, 2009  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Court, Govt, U.S.

Courthouse News reports a class action lawsuit [pdf] in Cuyahoga County Court alleges that the Bureau of Research and its owner, Stedson McIntyre, bought confidential claimant information from an employee of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation for nearly a decade and disclosed it to third parties – including a felon. The claimants also allege invasion of privacy.

As part of the suit, the claimants are seeking identity theft protection for life.

Note that the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is not a defendant in this lawsuit — only the company that allegedly purchased information from one of the state’s employees.

The breach was first reported in January 2008 (see previous coverage). At the time, the state indicated that 49 claimants were being notified.

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