Feb 072013
 February 7, 2013  Posted by  Featured News, Laws, Surveillance, U.S.

10TV reported this on Tuesday:

An Ohio lawmaker plans to introduce a bill that would allow parents to wiretap their child’s cell phone conversations to be used in court.

Republican State Rep. Brian Hill said that he planned to introduce a bill on Wednesday.

Hill said that he believes a law on the books could help prevent another school shooting.

Others said that they think the bill goes too far.

Read more on 10TV. Representative Hill had explained his rationale in this press release, issued January 29. The bill had passed the House in the past when he had introduced it, but did not get through the Senate. You can read the text of HB 15 here, but it basically exempts parents from wire tap prohibitions:

A parent of a minor child or a person acting in loco parentis of a minor child, including but not limited to a guardian, custodian, grandparent acting under a power of attorney created under section 3109.52 of the Revised Code, with respect to any wire, oral, or electronic communication in which the minor child participates or of which the minor child is a recipient or intended recipient if the interception is made in good faith for the protection of the child.

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