Nov 022014
 November 2, 2014  Posted by  Laws, Youth & Schools

Angie DeWitt reports:

Despite official denials, West Virginia University shared student email addresses in bulk form with politicians competing in the 2012 general election according to several insider sources, and some candidates may be using those emails in their 2014 races.

Both Republican and Democratic parties in West Virginia requested and obtained WVU student email addresses during the 2012 general election, according to a WVU official who asked not to be identified.


However, privacy experts say the use of student email addresses by political campaigns is not illegal, nor is it illegal for universities to share student email addresses with political parties. Even so, the practice raises serious privacy issues, according to Khaliah Barnes, director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) Student Privacy Project in Washington, D.C.

Read more on The Daily Athenaeum.


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