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 May 31, 2017  Posted by  Misc

It’s that time of the year….. and my favorite privacy law conference, the Privacy Law Scholars Conference, is being hosted in Berkeley this year.

Every year, Dan Solove, Chris Hoofnagle, and their wonderful students put together a great event. This year, there will be almost 300 attendees. Although the organizers try to keep the number of attendees down to keep it all manageable, people beg for invitations. It’s just that good an event!

Because of the rules, I will not be allowed to really blog about what is said by whom in the workshops, but in general, what’s happening is that contributors have submitted drafts of papers for law review journals or books, and attendees read these papers before the workshops and use the workshops to provide the author with feedback. The discussions on topics are often lively as well as thoughtful.  There are no formal presentations at PLSC. Everyone comes prepared to discuss the papers selected for the program.

If the papers or drafts are already up on SSRN, I will try to link to some of them over the next few days.

In addition to the workshop sessions, there’s also lots of free time to encourage networking and the kinds of small chats and conversations that are so wonderful.

As a reminder to attendees and for the benefit of new attendees: I believe I did establish a firm rule in 2008 or so that NO ONE may block the path between me and the coffee, ever.  Just a reminder…

So I’m heading out to the airport in a bit…. and posting here may be a bit light for the next days.

If you’re at PLSC, come find me to say “hi.” And yes, I’m registered as “Dissent Doe.”

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  1. I think it’s great that for a privacy conference line, there are specific guidelines to value and respect the workshops and people’s privacy.

    Enjoy Berkeley, San Francisco , PLSC in the next few days. Have a good time

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