Apr 302010
 April 30, 2010  Posted by  Business, Govt, Online

David Navetta comments:

Earlier in the week, I referenced the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Notice of Inquiry concerning “Information Privacy and Innovation in the Internet Economy” (the “Inquiry”). I have now had a chance to review the document in more detail and believe that this Inquiry and the report that it generates has the potential to usher a paradigm shift and radically reshape the privacy environment as it relates to commerce. It also has the potential to be a frustrating exercise involving entrenched special interests banging their heads against a wall in a political forum. Nonetheless, whether the Inquiry ends up yielding any legislation, industry standard, best practices or a strategic frame work, the document itself reflects some of key challenges faced at the intersection of privacy and commerce. This post outlines some of my observations after reading the Inquiry.

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