Oct 302009
 October 30, 2009  Posted by  Laws, Non-U.S., Online, Surveillance

Stephen Bell Wellington reports:

Telecom is warning that provisions in the Search and Surveillance Bill, now before a Parliamentary select committee, could amount to unwarranted surveillance.

The company says in its submission that, as currently written, an order for a telecommunications operator to produce the “call-related information” of a particular customer, could effectively become a licence for continuous surrender of voice-call content information.


The issue could be addressed by tightening the definition of content “so that it is clear ‘content’ only includes information that the network operator holds or is reasonably able to retain over the duration of a production order and does not, for example, include voice-call content,” Telecom says.

Furthermore, the ability to demand production of call-related information should be limited only to those agencies that deal with serious offences, Telecom suggests.

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